About Us

Aktif Lace Factories, our company, which has been serving the bridal lace industry since the first day it entered in 1996; As an employee, management and business portfolio, it is one of the leading representatives in Turkey's bridal lace industry. It has developed the entire management model in the globalizing world and has organized the dynamics of all its departments in line with its MISSION, VISION and VALUES.It continues to produce the most beautiful and highest quality products for you, with its successful and qualified team that steers the sector, as well as with its veteran designers. It provides services to its domestic and international customers by using the latest technology and automation systems in a 3000 m2 closed production area.

Aktif Lace Factories takes its place among the leading exporters in Turkey's bridal lace industry by taking part in the most prestigious international fairs of the wedding dress and lace industry. In this context, it contributes to Turkey's economy, workforce and production by exporting to more than 25 countries in 5 continents. It offers its own laces to its domestic and foreign customers with its stores increasing the number of them day by day in the country.

Our Mission
Aktif Lace Factories, which sets the main target of continuous quality and service and acts with the awareness that the biggest capital is the customer without compromising this issue, has adopted the principle of offering the best quality to its customers at the most affordable prices. We are at your service with our sincerity that values the customer, our professional staff who take continuous service as their mission and prioritize commercial ethics.

Our Vision
Aktif Lace Factories continues its growth abroad with the success it has gained throughout the country, with the trust it has created in the lace industry by constantly raising the quality standard and integrating with its customers. Aktif Lace Factories, which has expanded its customer portfolio without compromising on customer service quality, aims to become a world brand in this field by carrying its own brand abroad.

Our Values

  • Respect and Sensitivity to Environment, People, Continuous Development
  • Being Fair, Trust
  • Transparency, Collaboration
  • Solution Oriented

Our Service Policy
Taking care of quality, reliability, sustainable technology and being competitive in terms of price in its products, Aktif Lace Factories is an important supplier of all the needs of its customers in Turkey and around the world, constantly improving its product, sales and after-sales service quality, increasing the product variety and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. to increase its loyalty to its products and to maintain its leading position in the market by ensuring customer satisfaction. While reaching these targets, our most basic policy is to be permanent by providing added value to the sector.




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